Coffee Specialty

Our specialty is Arabica Coffee Bean, carefully selected from Asia, America and Africa, from commercial to specialty grade with score above 90. Full list here.

Green or Roasted Beans

A wide choice of green or roasted Arabica coffee beans to meet your need. We currently supply to cafe operators, hotels and roasters, both locally and abroad. List of beans here.

Coffee Roaster

Award Winning Roaster, Behmor 1600 Plus from US. One of best performance and cost-effective compact roaster. Ideal for small cafes and home roasting. Read more here.

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Why buy from us?
We do not operate any cafe but focus on bringing you the finest Arabica coffee bean – green beans or freshly roasted. No customer is too small for us. We support order from 1Kg on specialty coffee bean to orders of quantity as large as you like.

Why Choose Us ?

Being in the coffee industry for decades, we have good experience to source, identify and select top-grade quality coffee beans. Our passion for best coffee beans keep our customers buying from us for years. Our customers enjoys a wide choice of beans from all over the world. Operating from Singapore, an efficient logistic hub, many customers enjoy the ease of dealing with us.