Wholesale Arabica Coffee BeansWhether you come here to research into cafe setup, second sourcing for your current operation or for resale and export, you have arrive at the right place. Please contact us and we will come to meet you to understand your requirement. You will be convinced yourself that you have made the right choice working with us – for price and quality.

We offer a wide range of top grade Arabica Coffee beans selected from across the globe. You can rely on us, a specialist of Arabica coffee bean supplier, for constant supply of green and roasted beans weekly.

Each bag of green Arabica coffee beans weighs 60 Kg or 70Kg. For bulk purchase, we will work with you closely to coordinate shipping to your convenience.

We do sell in smaller quantity to cafes and other F&B operators. If you have limited space and have no proper storage condition for green coffee beans (low humidity and cool temperature 24 hours), you can work with us to supply you on weekly basis.

Green coffee beans and freshly roasted coffee beans are available for shipment domestically and overseas in big or smaller volume.

Roast to Order

We do not roast to stock as we want our customer to receive fresh coffee. We can roast as small as 2Kg to as much as 60 Kg per roast-batch. Local roasting assures freshness. No contracts required on purchases. Just provide us sufficient lead time on your order. Depending on the origin of the bean, will will roast them to the profile which taste best and suitable to your preference. The 5 typical profiles we roast are : light, light-medium, medium, medium-dark and dark. In some cases, customers who likes crema, will request for darker roast. In most cases, the freshly roasted beans after roasting and degassing, are shipped the following working day, unless the customer schedules a different delivery date and time.