About Us

About UsStarted as a tea merchant in early 1960s, the company expanded into coffee distribution in the 1970s. The third generation business expanded in coffee beans supply, both roasted and green beans. Aside from Robusta coffee powder distribution to local coffee shops in Singapore, HSCoffee is now a major supplier of Arabica Coffee Beans from Asia, America and Africa.

As a pioneer in the coffee trade and with decades of experience, we have expertise to identify good coffee and hence supplying only the best coffee beans to customers, wholesalers, cafe operators and home coffee lovers.

Why international customers buy from us ?

Singapore Trading HubSingapore is a free-trade country, a major commodity trading hub in the world and one of the most open economy in the world. As a trading hub with highly efficient logistic and port operation, our customers around the world enjoy hassle-free transactions at competitive pricing. This is one good reason why many customers like to deal with us.