Behmor 2020SR Coffee Roaster | 220V Asia Use

Behmor 2020SR Customizable Drum Coffee Roaster (for South East Asia)

The new and third generation Behmor 2020SR (220V version) coffee roaster is one of the best compact roaster in the market today. It is the equivalent US 110V version, Behmor 2000AB. 

The easy-to-use home coffee roasting machine can be operated in 2 modes : preprogrammed or manual mode. There are 4 programmed roasting profile buttons making it easy for starters new to roasting. For those who wants to take control of their roast to meet their customized need, they can change the timing, drum speed and temperature.  Behmor has one of the biggest bean loading capacity of 1 pound of beans, or roughly equivalent to 453g.

With patented smoke suppression technology, Behmor 2020SR is especially appealing to those who are concern of smoking their kitchen terribly during roasting.

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Highlights of Behmor 2020SR Roaster

Table Top. Microwave Size.

Roast in as quick as 8.5 minutes.

Preset Profiles. Press, Start and Roast.

Infrared Roasting
More Even Roasting.

Built-In Chaff Collector

Quiet and Silent


Advanced Features

Behmor 2020SR is easy to use for those with no knowledge of roasting – simply, press few buttons and start, just like operating a microwave oven. For knowledgeable roasters who wants to alter the profile of roasting, they have the flexibility to adjust the drum speed, roasting time and roasting temperature. Checking the exhaust and chamber temperature is as easy as pressing a button to display temperature. The Rosetta Stone function provides the roaster some control and action before the roasting beans reach second crack.

Low Noise Roasting

The Behmor  2020SR is one of the quietest roaster. While roasting quietly, you can turn on the chamber light anytime to see the roasting in action. You can even open the door to see clearly the color of the beans as it gets roasted. At any time, you can press the cooling button to start the cooling cycle.

Coffee Bean Roasting Singapore

Built for Asia Use

This roaster, built for Asia, marketed and sold by us to customers in South East Asian countries runs on 220V to 240V. Small, compact and easy to use, it can be use by small cafes looking to offer ‘always fresh’ coffee to customers and with flavour and acidity level customizable to their preference. Since green unroasted coffee beans are significantly cheaper than roasted coffee beans, cafe operators can now lower the cost of coffee and increase profit margin. It is undoubtedly a good investment. Roast more, save more.

Roast Your Own and Start Saving

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Behmor Home Coffee Roaster

The Behmor 2020SR, one of top compact coffee roaster, is now available in Asia (in 220-240V) and ships from Singapore to any countries in South East Asia, with warranty.

Specification : 
Keypad with 4 pre-programmed roast times
5 power levels (temperature control)
Roasting time 8 to 20 mins depending on weight
Halogen Heating Elements
Smoke Suppression Technology
Dimensions 12.5″ x 17.5″ x 10.5″
Electrical Supply : 220V to 240V for Asia
Volts/Watts 1630w
Weight 25 pounds

Shipping Term : FOB Singapore
Stock : Immediate Availability
Warranty : 1 year
We stock common spare parts.

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