Cafe Consultancy

Cafe H400You arrive here probably you are considering setting up a cafe. Setting up a café from scratch has many challenges and requires considerable knowledge of customers needs, culture, trend, environmental factors and etc.. Location, target segment, coffee bean and quality, coffee making, ambience and look & feel are critical success factors. Talk to us for FREE consultancy services on where and how to start the process going. Our unique value proposition puts you a different standing above all other cafes in the market with a brand that can be easily identified.


iStock_000005689665XSmall(2)When you are ready to commit, we will assist and advise you on anything from site selection, target segment identification, concept and thematic design, menu, equipment, procurement and supplies to helping you to develop a business plan, menu design, strategic and financial plans, e-marketing ideas and POS implementation.

We are committed to the success of our customers and know that a thriving hospitality business can be one of the most rewarding and challenging choices of business to be involved in. Taking a different approach in working with our partners, we take stake in the business by involving in part of the business as a show of our committment to see you have a higher business success rate. We believe that consistent and high quality standard of operations, product quality an