Nitro Cold Brew Coffee (Nitrogen Infused Coffee)

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

Brewed for a day and infused with nitrogen for a number of days. Served chilled near zero degree celsius. The resultant brew is a creamy coffee, without milk, with a thick froth head similar to that seen on stout. With the finest selection of coffee beans, our Nitro Cold Coffee brew is a class above the rest. We are proud that our taste is creamier, smoother and more fragrant than any other Nitro Coffee. Come to our showroom and give it a try.

The hottest and coolest beverage now, it is made from 100% Arabican Coffee Beans with just 99.9% Nitrogen. No additive, no preservation and no milk added. This healthier chilled Nitro Brew coffee is ideal on a hot day.

Nitro Kegerator Brew System Singapore

For Sale, For Rent

Built and assembled locally in Singapore, our Nitro Coffee system is available for sale or for rent to use in event, office, tradeshow, parties, cafes, hotel, restaurants and night clubs.

Replenishing Brew

Leave the work to us to bring you the best Nitro Cold Coffee Brew. We brew them in house for days before delivering to you. When the brew in the Nitro System is depleted, we will come and swap the keg of brew with a new and fresh one. Nitro Cold Brew can be kept in the Nitro system for weeks.