Aeropress Coffee Maker

Aeropress Coffee MakerAeropress (by Aerobie, US) is a coffee maker which makes coffee without an espresso machine. A portable device, it is manual of brewing coffee by brewing the coffee grind placed in it. After hot water is poured over it, the coffee is left to steep for less than a minute. Pressing the plunger through the tube, coffee is forced through a filter. The result is rich and flavorful coffee, just like those from an espresso machine. Typically, the coffee produced has lower acicity than those from drip coffee.

Reusable mesh filters is not recommended. Coffee made using paper filter taste better.

Original Aeropress made in USA. Price : SGD49.50
There are versions made in China.

Freshly Roasted or Green Unroasted Beans

Arabica roasted coffee beans or green unroasted coffee beans are available  here. Choose from over 30 different origins of Arabica coffee beans including specialty coffee such as Panama Geisha, Esmeralda or Blue Mountain.