Coffee ESE Pods for Espresso Coffee Machines

ESE Coffee Pods These 44mm ESE capsule pods are well suitable for nearly most Espresso Machines when used with appropriate containers in the portafilter. Popular brands of Espresso coffee machines such as Delonghi, Philips, Saeco, Breville, Illy, Gaggia will dispense a good cup of Espresso with these ESE coffee pods.

It comes with different flavours and coffee origin. The coffee ground in the pod are finely ground to deliver thick crema.

We offer choice of pure Robusta, 100% Arabica or blend of Robusta and Arabica coffee beans from our specially selected beans from origin of your choice.

Each ESE coffee pod is packed with 7g of coffee ground as standard, with maximum of 10g if requested. Different colors of packing are used to different origins and blends of coffee. Labels can be imprinted according to customer requirement. All are packed and sealed in our Italy production facility of our partner.

Price starts from as low as SGD0.20 per ese pod in bag, depending on OEM volume and on the origin of coffee. There will be adders for various customization. There is MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity). The larger the volume, the more attractive the price.

Price Fluctuation

Coffee bean is a commodity which is traded in USD. The price may fluctuate from day to day. Our prices are also subjected to exchange rate. Nevertheless, we offer competitive price. If you can find another Singapore vendor offering same roasted bean at lower price and of the same sales condition, we will try to match the price.


Payment can be by ATM transfer, Internet transfer, WISE transfer or Bank TT. Details will be provided.