Blending Coffee – Mixing Arabica with Robusta

Robusta is known to be inferior in taste as compared to pleasant and smooth taste of Arabica. Think of Robusta as ‘bass’ and Arabica as ‘treble’ in music. Blending coffee is like adjusting an equalizer in hi-fi music equipment. Different people have different preference of taste with different balance of ‘treble’ and ‘bass’.

There are good Robusta coffee which doesn’t taste harsh and bitter which most coffee drinkers shun. A recommendation of preparing a cup of good coffee is to mix 10% of good Robusta with Arabica coffee. We recommend roasting the Robusta dark but not to a level where oil develops on the surface.

While coffee lovers prefer single origin Arabica coffee, they may have missed the goodness of blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee which offers a superbly balanced taste, if properly blended.