Coffee Taste- Flavour and Aroma

Coffee Aroma and Flavour

coffee-smell-aromaSimply, flavour is associated to taste while aroma is associated with smell. Smell good does not mean the coffee will taste good. Both taste and smell is a yardstick for good coffee. The combination of aroma and taste produce a range of sensory experiences. The flavour and aroma depends on a number of factors :  type and origin of coffee beans; roasting method profile, ground size, water temperature, water-coffee ratio and method of preparation.


Ashy | Burnt | Smoky | Herbal | Chocolaty | Earthy | Floral | Earthy | Fruity | Grassy | Spicy | Rotten | Rubbery | Tobacco | Woody


It describes how the drink feel in the mouth and the after taste


It describes as pleasantly strong or light


Acidity. A desirable sharp and pleasing taste, mistakably associated to sour. Actually, coffee acidity causes addiction.

Bitterness. A taste characterized by caffeine and certain alkaloids. Majority of people do not accept and minority can tolerate to a certain level. Higher roast level will produce bitter coffee taste.

Sweetness. This is a basic taste akin to sugar. Normally it is described as fruity, chocolate and caramel.

Saltiness. A basic taste akin to salts.

Sourness. Unlike acidity, it refers to an excessively sharp, biting and unpleasant flavor (such as vinegar or acetic acid). It is sometimes associated with the aroma of fermented coffee. It is often confused with acidity, which is generally considered a pleasant and desirable taste in coffee.


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