Instant Coffee vs Brewed Coffee

Instant Coffee vs Brewed Coffee

Instant coffee usually refers to soluble coffee commonly found on the shelf of supermarket. Maxwell and Nescafe are examples of instant coffee. Soluble coffee may contain additive and have much longer shelf life.

In South East Asia, the variation of instant coffee are those coffee ground contained in filter coffee bag with or without sugar. 2-in-1 instant coffee in filter bag has sugar added, are usually not soluble coffee. 3-in-1 instant has sugar and creamer added. The latter are usually soluble coffee in sachets. Coffee in filter bag taste best when consumed within 2 weeks.

Instant coffee are mostly made from Robusta coffee bean, if not indicated on the label. Gourmet Instant coffee which comes in filter bag are not soluble coffee and contain mostly  Arabica coffee with no addition of sugar.

Instant coffee, both soluble or in filter bag, provides convenient mean of making coffee. Simply pour nearly hot water, off boiling point, onto the instant coffee.

Brewed coffee. Simply, it is not instant!  There are many methods of preparing the coffee. Drip coffee maker, Barista machine, Pour Over, French press and etc…  Brewed coffee are usually prepared from freshly ground coffee and thus taste better.